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A New Life

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The Beginings.

I’ve started this blog and i’m not really sure why. I mean, most likely no on will ever read it. But maybe they will. I guess I’ve made it to just voice my opinions, even if they don’t reach everyone. I named it A New Life because that’s what I want, a new life. It’s actually a song from the Broadway show Jekyll & Hyde.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a great life. A good family, great friends, and many other things that just make me happy. But I just want something new. Like New York. Yes, I am one of those people who wants to go to New York to find their “big break” or whatever.  Not for acting, but for Broadway. I love singing and performing and doing those things together in front of hundreds of people make me so excited and happy. I’m doing my “small town” version of it in the Charleston Youth Company.  It is absolutely wonderful.  I’ve had a balst with it and will be extremely sad when it is over. Hmm…well i guess thats all for today, and seeing as its 2 o’clock in the morning i should probably go to bed. Why am I awake right now?! Geez! Well, goodight moon. 

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